CompuLift provides deep-acting skin care.  With a series of regular sessions, it becomes an effective treatment to fight against and correct the signs of aging. With this brand of Non-Surgical Face-Lift, these are some of the dramatic improvements you will see:

  • Firmed skin all around

  • Toned facial muscles all around

  • Greater lift in the eyebrow and eyelid regions

  • Redefined cheeks

  • Reduced wrinkles on the face and forehead

  • Reduced small wrinkles around the upper lip

Non-Surgical Face-Lifts use micro-currents to accomplish the above goals. The process elongates muscles shortened by aging to return them to their original strength.  So how exactly does this work?

Additional Information

CompuLift is an electro-stimulation apparatus that provides muscular and cutaneous revitalization of the face, neck, and breasts. This internationally recognized method uses a highly sophisticated technique that emits a pulsed galvanic micro-current that provides a gentle lifting treatment to the applied area.

To achieve optimal results, we recommend that you partake in regular sessions on a biweekly basis for 10 to 12 treatments.  Each treatments lasts 60 minutes. The treatments must be at least 48 hours apart to let the current act upon cell and tissue for the regeneration process to occur. Once the desired results have been attained, we recommend monthly maintenance treatments.


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